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The legal basis of data management is the voluntary contribution of the affected user in accordance with the act CXII. of 2011. (1) item of paragraph 5) point about informational self-determination and freedom of information. The contribution is given by User in respect of some data processing with the use of Webpage.

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In accordance with the data protection law you can request the handling of your personal data. You have the right to update, change and request their deletion.

Alkaloida Chemical Company Zrt. Reserve the rights that without restriction, notification or any of the services will be terminated, suspended.

The collected data about as well as from you were given can also be used for illegal or threaten the operation of our network examination and prevention of acitvities.

Altough when this webpage was prepared we acted on with due diligence we do not take the responsibility for any actions which are commited by foreigner or native, legal or natural person or organization wich has no legal representative either directly or indirectly on the basis of data on or through the website, irrespectively of that if these information are announced by us or others. We do not assume any responsibilities in connection with the content of the webpage as well as for data, information, declarations are available on and through that including but not exclusively conecerning the accuracy, timeliness, validity, completeness, suitability for a purpose, reliability, soundness, ect. either. The declarations and statements on this site are not qualified as commitments. You agree that the use of information were downloaded and obtained occurs voluntarily and solely at your discretion and risk.

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